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Cocktail Bar Grifoncino

A hotel needs a bar in order to be truly complete: our head barman indulges both local people and hotel guests in the trendy Grifoncino Cocktail Bar. The excellent cocktails, the general multimedia design concept and the exclusive events makes calling in to Grifoncino a memorable experience.

Opening hours
Open daily from 5 pm to 1 am. Closed on Sunday.


‘Float weightlessly with a glass in your hand as if on a cloud.’

The architect Boris Podrecca describes his concept as follows: ‘Here the feeling of wellbeing does not derive from one’s physical state, but from another dimension, that of visual perception. (...) Guests are suspended, glass in hand, as if on a cloud’.

Light effects and projected images eliminate the separation of floor, walls and ceiling and create a weightless atmosphere: the floor consists of fretwork aluminium sheets, each sandwiched between two glass plates and backlit to surprising effect. The bar counter is a large rectangular glass construct comprising empty bottles and the rear wall is clad with alabaster panels, likewise backlit.

Happy Hour!

Happy Hour!Enjoy the best selection! Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 6 pm to 8 pm you can taste the best cocktails for 7.50 €!

"B*tch I'm Madonna!"

"B*tch I'm Madonna!""Time goes by, so slowly..."
Quest’anno Madonna si esibisce per la decima volta in tour!

Mentre la poliedrica artista darà il meglio di sé sul palco a Torino, il Grifoncino ti invita a festeggiare laterza edizione della festa in suo onore. Scatenati con noi ballando le sue hit storiche e quelle più nuove mixate da DJ Manniworld, e vestiti come se fossi sulla copertina di VOGUE!

Venerdì, 20 novembre.
Dalle ore 21. Ingresso libero.
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