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South Tyrol, a region abounding with contrasts

South Tyrol is a mixture of extremely contrasting features. The people combine Mediterranean joie de vivre with Alpine staidness, and the region boasts a superabundance of cultural treasures. Its landscapes include the Dolomites (now a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site), lush vineyards and orchards often set against a backdrop of snowy peaks and ice-clad glaciers.

Two cultures and languages come together in an area of 7400 km² to yield a fascinating whole – South Tyrol. Travellers find plenty to suit their tastes all over South Tyrol. The vast range of elevations and terrain results in an amazing array of regional food products: “speck” (smoked, cured raw hams of pork), apples, sweet chestnuts, Alpine herbs, venison and game specialities and very fine wines. South Tyrol also abounds with exquisite architecture including precious Romanesque and Gothic churches, monasteries and convents and around 800 castles and noble country houses.

SOUTH TYROL - jewel on the sunny side of the Alps
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A view of the Dolomites - UNESCO World Natural Heritage property
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CastlesIn South Tyrol you can discover a large number of mansions and castles, from the well-preserved ones to the ruins. Most of the them are still today opened to the public.
Mansions and castles of South Tyrol
Land Museum of tourism in the botanical gardens of the Trauttmansdorff castle
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The South Tyrol Museum of Folk Traditions
Hunting and fishing Museum, Wolfsthurn Castle and Wine Museum to the web page